Grazing Over Accomplishments

You have accomplished a lot of shit. Don't say you haven't because I know if you and I had a conversation I could create a pretty impressive list of accomplishments for you. Sadly we often overlook what we've done and we don't take credit for getting to where we are now. Why is this? I recently had a conversation around this topic with a client and fellow coach. As we progressed into the depths of it I had to laugh and comment that it seemed like one of those conversations you would have while passing a joint. Train of thought comments always creep into conversations - it keeps them spicy! Grazing over accomplishments. Why do we not take stock of how wonderful we really are? Maybe its becau

Giving Birth or Launching Airplanes?

You know that game, Would You Rather? You are given two choices and you have to decide which thing you would rather have or do? Here's my question for you, would you rather give birth or launch paper airplanes? Total no-brainer for me. Give me a ream of paper! I share this A LOT with fellow entrepreneurs so I figured I would write a long overdue blog post about it. A fellow coach, George Kao, shared this with me years ago and its one of those things that stuck with me - you'll see why. It drives me NUTS when women entrepreneurs say they are 'birthing a new project or idea.' Are you freakin' kidding me? That sounds like a simply dreadful experience. So much time, commitment, planning and p

Do You Need A Planner Or A Reality Check?

I read a post on Facebook recently where someone said they needed a planner to get their hectic day to day activities planned out properly. Plenty of people were responding with their favorite paper-based planners. Even though I provide a weekly planner free for people who want it, that was not my response. Want to know why? Because a planner may not be what she needed. Have you ever bought one, used it for a couple days, hell maybe even a week, then it seems to find a spot on a chair in a pile of other stuff collecting dust? A planner may not be what you need either - at least not until you identify some other things about yourself. Answer the questions on this list and get real with yours

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