A Reminder About Life

I need to remind myself of this often, and because of that I thought I would just write it out so it really sinks in for me, and hopefully helps you too. Everything is temporary. Literally EVERYTHING. No matter what is going on in your life at any given moment, it's changing. Life is not stagnant. It moves along every second. So whatever you may be experiencing that is not something you want in your life, take a moment to take a deep breath and REALLY let it sink in that it is temporary. Life is constantly moving toward resolutions. Constantly adjusting to bring in better and better circumstances. Constantly shifting and changing. We have different choices to make a million times every day.

The 5 Stages of Entrepreneurial Chaos

If you are an entrepreneur you have probably experienced chaos and overwhelm. In fact, pretty much anyone on the face of the planet likely has at least once in their life. As I always say, the key to change is AWARENESS. Stage One – Denial When we as entrepreneurs initially sense there just may be some chaos and overwhelm in our personal world and business, we often deny that it is happening. “No, no, I’m fine” we say to those close to us that sense something is amiss. “I’ve totally got this” we say to ourselves. “I just need to nail down a routine.” Or maybe you keep thinking you just have to sit down and focus, eliminate the distractions and everything will easily fall into place. Stage Tw

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