Mental Reset Button

Sometimes I just like to look at my cover photo on FB. Silly huh? This is one of my absolute favorite places. I can literally spend hours there (and fortunately for me, so can my kids!) When I was growing up my Dad and I would climb out onto the rocks and sit and talk for hours. Funny how much you appreciate places when you move away from them. I could not wait to leave the state of Maine when I was a teenager. I still wouldn't want to be there in the winter no matter what. The place in this picture, Biddeford Pool, is right up the road from the town I grew up in. Every time I visit, which is not often enough, I go there. And spend hours. I also have a small collection of rocks I've collecte

Awareness is the Key

What are you saying to yourself? This topic has been coming up a lot for me lately in personal interactions, during interviews with guests on The Inspire-view Series™, and in social media. Are you saying positive things? Are you complimenting yourself? How about that cheerleading? Have you given yourself a pat on the back today for a job well-done? I certainly hope so! When those negative thoughts pop up in your head catch them. Turn them around, look for the good or just take a really good look at the TRUTH of the matter. Is what you are saying actually true? Can you KNOW this is actually true? Is there a time in your life that maybe you thought things were not good, or at least not what

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