Your Intuition Is Calling

You know that gut feeling, the one you have ignored on more than one occasion only to find yourself trying to figure out a way to get your foot to reach behind you and kick yourself in the ass for not listening. The thing about intuition is that it’s rarely loud. It quietly nudges you to get you to pay attention and listen. You may hear that tiny voice in your head whispering guidance, there could be that sick or anxious feeling in your stomach, a sort of compressed feeling in your chest, or just that ‘gut’ feeling that people are most familiar with. Some people catch on to listening to this early in life. Most of us don’t. Once we look back over the timeline of our journey up to this point,

You First

The month of February is almost always associated with love and Valentine's Day. Usually everything from TV and radio commercials to store displays revolve around loving someone else and it's all rainbows, hearts and butterflies. I would like to take the "love" opportunity and focus it on ourselves by throwing in a nice little mix of crystals to help support us with our loving and compassionate tendencies toward the most important person in the world to you - YOU! The most obvious and well-known crystal for love is Rose Quartz so let's knock that one out first. This crystal is frequently used with the Heart Chakra and is a very common stone to find. Use this crystal to allow love to flow! Th

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