Why You Need A Kick-In-The-Ass

Not just you but freakin' everyone you know that is trying to achieve something. EVERYONE needs a kick-in-the-ass at one time or another. And if you are building a business you may need one more often that you think. I think we all get a little excited during the final week of the year where we're thinking about all the shit we are going to accomplish in the New Year and how organized we will be. We buy the perfect planner that totally sings to us, we get different colored pens, we may even declutter our new sacred workspace. We declare that this is the year we totally rock it and change everything! More free time, more money coming in, more travelling, the vision is gorgeous and exciting. T

Which One Are You?

Are You An Observer Or A Participant? This is an important thing to know about yourself. I'm definitely more of an observer. But I have been pushing out of that a little at a time to be more of a participant because "the squeaky wheel get the grease" so to speak. Both traits have their benefits for sure! As an observer you are present and soaking in a lot. People watching is an activity I like to do. Just sit on a bench in a busy location and watch those around you. I often find myself wondering what it's like to be them and sometimes get a good sense of that and their relationships with others that are with them. Is that weird? Maybe I'm the only one who does this. As a participant you woul

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