The Often Overlooked Foot Chakra

An excerpt from my "Basics of Crystal Therapy" workbook. The foot chakra is an often overlooked, but in my opinion, critical chakra. This chakra is split between the two feet, located at the ball/arch of each foot. Even though it is located on each foot, it is still considered just one chakra, as each is part of the whole. They are always linked, whether your feet are together or separated. Traditionally, the base, or root chakra, is known to be the grounding chakra, and is typically focused on for connecting with the earth’s energies. This chakra also slows down and transforms divine energy so that is can pass into the earth effortlessly. But it is not a direct connection to the earth.

Break out of the "Mom Bubble"

I know I'm not the only woman out there who has felt this way. When I graduated from college I was one career-minded lady! Well, after I got over the burn-out of an extremely intense college career while working to pay the bills. I actually continued to wait tables for at least six months after I graduated because the thought of interior design made me cringe to be honest with you. Any-who...moving forward YEARS, my ex-husband and I moved around a bit with his job and we started a family. With the situation as it was, I stayed home with my daughter and then my son when he came along. All together I was a stay-at-home mom for about 8 years. Let me just say, HOLY SHIT! That is one tough jo

Want Inspiration?

I'm sharing the love and inspiration from my video interview series, The Inspire-view Series™! The first 10 interviews, plus a bonus one, are now listed on my YouTube Channel. Please check them out because I feel so honored to have been able to connect with these amazing women. They shared their passions, their tips for getting past obstacles, and their encouragement for others to follow their hearts and dreams. "Nuture the Spark that Feeds the Fire of Your Passion." They have some fantastic GIFTS for subscribers to the series as well so please grab that stuff by signing up at AND new interviews are rolling out so stay in the loop by signing up for the

Passionless & Scattered?

"Don't let the search for one searing passion force you to miss out on the 20 things you can love." - James Altucher If you follow me at all on Facebook you may have seen me post some of James Altucher's blog posts. I love his brutal and vulnerable honesty. I just read another of his posts and since he mentions a bit about passion, and I have a whole interview series (The Inspire-view Series™) around living a passionate life, I thought I expand on this a tad. Here is an excerpt from James's newsletter dated June 30, 2015 titled "You Just Suck, Admit It." I HAVE NO PASSION FOR ANYTHING Every few months I seem to have a new thing I am passionate about. I don't know anybody in history who has

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