De-Stress Your Holidays Part 2 (YUP, there's more! AND a recipe!)

We are swiftly approaching the hectic holidays. If you haven't felt the effects of it yet - YAY! Let's keep the stress of the holidays at bay and treat ourselves as lovingly as we treat others. Whether we realize it or not we touch the lives of other people and often in very meaningful ways. How can you be the best you can be if you are feeling stressed, anxious and irritable? Stress can and will make you sick and nobody needs that at this time of the year! I say very loudly and with the all-important foot stomp to make sure the Universe knows I mean it "HELL NO to getting sick and feeling overwhelmed!" You want to be the best parent, the best friend, the trusted supporter, the calm in t

De-Stress Your Holiday Season - Part One

AHHHHHHH - the holidays! Here are Tips 1 through 5 (including a couple recipes) for how to manage and minimize stress this holiday season. This turned out to be a rather long article so I thought I would break it up into two sections. Here we are once again. The busy, hectic, and often stressful holiday season. We often find the effects of the holiday rush manifesting in us as irritability, headaches, feeling a desire to withdraw, and short temperament. Many of us just wish we could wake up when it’s January 1st! I have to say that since my children have started getting older (12 and 16 to be exact) this holiday stress has eased up. So for all you parents with young children there is h

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