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THE 2018

6 Weeks To Get Shit Done 


For people who are BEYOND ready to make 2018 the best yet. 
Just you and me, this is one on one coaching!
Let's start NOW!

One of my biggest heartaches is when I see crazy-talented people start doubting their abilities because they aren't making enough money doing what they love. They invest in themselves over and over again but find they still aren't seeing results. Many times the results they want aren't realized because those great ideas are staying in their heads.

You are brilliant at what you do, intelligent, sassy and have a big vision. You write down all your ideas in different journals and scraps of paper, you even share them with a friend or coach but they aren't any closer to becoming a reality.  It could be confidence, it could be that you think you need to learn one more thing, it could be fear causing you to procrastinate.

It's true, there is a certain amount of fear that may be holding you back from getting your ideas out there. I've been there so I totally get it. You may not be able to see the steps from where you are now to where you want to be. You may get stuck with how to create a plan that's going to work. Sometimes even if you have a plan you find yourself paralyzed into taking those steps. When overwhelm and doubt settle in distractions can get the better of you.

It's time you stop learning more strategy and actually put things into motion. Complete the projects that will be life-changing for your clients. It's time you get into real momentum and start making money. In just 6 weeks you will stop going in circles (or doing the start and stop) and seriously Get Shit Done.  


If your great ideas don't make it out to light of day, paying clients will never find you and you won't be able to make a living, at least not from your business. Isn't that why you got into business in the first place? To change the world and make a happy living. Let's do this!

What you do now sets the stage for the next 6 months

and beyond.

You are SO ready to take action in your business. You have invested in yourself in the past and KNOW the basics of what you need to do. You DO NOT WANT to take another course or program that ends up being just like the ones you've already taken, just with a different bow on the package.

This offer isn't about learning more, it's about taking what you know and

putting it into MOTION.

REMEMBER - What you do now shows results 3-6 months down the road. Plant the seeds early so you can gain momentum and reap the rewards all year!

There are ideas that have been knocking around in your head for months. You may have started planning some then stopped. Started then stopped again. The frustration of not following through and completing things is very real.  Don't get constipated with ideas because you aren't letting anything out!



THE 2018 

6 Weeks To Get Shit Done 



What Do People Say About Working With Me?

"Want to know how I got so much done at the beginning of 2016? Cherrise. She's helped me get organized, create and execute all the brilliant ideas I've had this year that in the past would've gotten lost in scattered pieces of paper. No man's an island and we ALL need help to stay on track to keep tweaking our course in order to move forward consistently… Cannot recommend enough getting Cherrise on your team. She'll help you advance all your initiatives and finally get a whole lot more done than if you were just keeping yourself accountable. ~ Maru Iabichela, Speaker, Coach
"I had been hearing that Cherrise is magical for some time, so I decided to schedule a session with her because I didn’t want to miss out. I’m so glad that I did because we had a great time together organizing my upcoming programs! In a very easy going conversation, we got a lot of stuff done and I didn’t feel pressured or stressed at all! It was truly a magical experience and I would highly recommend her, especially if you’re stuck in overwhelm and need someone to break it all down for you in easy to digest pieces that you can handle. Thanks for helping me feel more together and organized, Cherrise! " ~ Michelle Vina-Baltsas, Food & Body Relationship Specialist
I'm In

Make the decision to get the one on one support and accountability that you need to get those ideas out of your head, organized and planned in a way that you can Get Shit Done and gain momentum faster than ever before.

In fact you'll have at least one project done or well on it's way to completion with promo materials to go along with it, in only 6 weeks if you start right now.

Does any of this sound like you?

Visibility - You are afraid to post or email "too much" so you don't. I get it! But if you're not out there telling people how fantastic you are at what you do, then you're going nowhere. I'll help you get your "storefront" open for business.

Accountability - This is the main reason entrepreneurs fail. They work and hide behind their computers with no "real" deadlines or anyone to answer to. Weeks turn into months and months into years. I'm guessing you've had ideas nudging at you for a LONG time. Longer than you care to admit. Let's get them out of your head and into action!


Overwhelm - You have lists of ideas and you KNOW you want to take action on them. But you don't know where to begin or you think you are lacking in some area. All this just paralyzes you so you simply do nothing. That's where I come in!

We aren't getting into learning a bunch of new stuff here - you know stuff already! We are going to implement what you know, pull those ideas out of your head, and get them out into the world where you and your clients can benefit from them. And you know what? Once you start taking action MORE ideas come and MORE opportunities! It's GREAT STUFF!

  • Now is the time to stop learning more strategy and actually put things into motion. 

  • Now is the time to complete the projects on your to-do list that are going to be life changing for your clients. 

  • Now is the time to get into real momentum and start making money.


This is ONLY for those who are BEYOND ready to stop procrastinating.


You must be ready and able to commit to 6 consecutive weekly calls and

TAKE ACTION on the plan we create.

You know you want to get your stuff out there. You know there are people waiting for it.


What are YOU waiting for?


Here are the "what's in it" details:

  • This is one on one coaching. You get the benefits of having personal, individualized, brainstorming and project planning.

  • You are committing to 6 CONSECUTIVE, WEEKLY calls. The first one will be 90-minutes so you can brain-dump and we can lay out a structure and actionable plan to move forward on.


  • Calls will be on Zoom so we can hang out and get to know each other while we Get Shit Done! (Unless for some reason that platform doesn't work for you.)

  • Based on your individual project plan, (using your content, images, logos, branding, etc.) I will create either up to 8 images for use on social media (or wherever), a workbook (up to 3 pages), a PDF opt-in OR a short presentation to use in a webinar or free training video. Maybe it will even be a combination of a couple of these! (2 minor revisions will be allowed.) We will discuss the best use of this creative aspect of the package and customize it specifically to your needs. No excuses - you are getting your stuff out there and letting people know about it!

  • You also have access to me in-between calls via email and /or messaging during normal business hours.

  • Create your personal Vision Statement - this is a kick-ass way to 'see' into your future!  I've done this as stand alone workshops.

  • You won't be left out in the cold when our 6 weeks together is over. Whether you decide to continue working with me or not, you will have a working outline of everything we discuss and plan out so you can continue to take action and gain MOMENTUM.

  • Because of the time involved in the creative component of this package, I may have limited availability for this package.

I am COMMITTED to helping you Get Shit Done and set the stage for success NOW!






Want to make 2 payments instead? We can do that!

Just contact me to be invoiced for 2 payments of $925.

Do You Have Questions About If This Is For You?
Watch this video
(It was for the recent group program I had, in case you hear reference to that, but it is still relevant to this package.)
Have questions? Schedule a time for us to talk.
Just book a 30-minute session, it may not take that long but at least we have the time.
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